Why will these 108 guidelines increase revenue and conversion rate your e-commerce store?

It helped to grow 7-8 figure e-commerce store by 2-3X times
I used and tested these guidelines to increase clients' e-commerce stores' revenue and conversion rate.
It's based on 1100+ A/B test
I worked with dozens of stores and personally launched hundreds of experiments confirming these guidelines within the last 6 years. I'm using them for all new clients.
It's based on 6 years of intense work in e-commerce space
I'm doing conversion rate optimization of e-commerce stores for the last 6 years already and clearly understand what works and what doesn't. I learned from my mistakes, and you can avoid this long and difficult experience.
It's based on 200+ UX best practices and user researches
I constantly study UX researches (Baymard, group, CXL, etc), read relevant articles, and buy access to expensive courses to know the latest insights and best practices in e-commerce. I've already learned everything so you don't waste your time: just read and apply!
What others say about the value of this checklist
All of these people benefited from the checklist on day one by improving their clients' websites. Keep scrolling down to read more.
Matt Ciniello
Owner of Digital Marketing agency - Mobile Moonshine
Andrei has done a great job of wrapping of his extensive CRO experience into an easy to digest guide for every Shopify store owner. As an Ad Agency owner, these recommendations make me look like a guru, and my clients are excited about how actionable and well thought out the checklist is. Avoid paying a consultant and boost your UX and conversion rates.
Loreleen Mae Sablot
Shopify Expert - Make8Digital
There are more value bombs in this list that I can ever think of.
I also didn't realize that I have few mistakes on one of my clients website when I read and applied the ecommerce checklist. This list is a must for people who are starting out to build their ecommerce store, shopify developer, UI/UX designer etc. The paid checklist is the most detailed comprehensive list that I read. Thumbs up to Andrei.
Curious to know what the detailed guidelines consist of?
Here's one example from each category. You must definitely check each of them.
Frank Tjin A Ton
Ecommerce Consultant, Owner of 8020Ecommerce Agency
I work on development and optimization of ecommerce sites on a daily basis. The guidelines of the checklist are definitely helpful – out of the 200+ points I have added several to my roadmap for implementation and testing.
Jaka Šmid
Conversion Designer at Conversion.Design
The checklist is a must for all designers out there who want their designs to perform well. I highly recommend it!

As a conversion designer, I found Andrei's checklist as a super-useful tool while designing online stores. It helps me keep on track (and not forget anything) every important part that an online store needs to contain in order to convert well!

How to use the these 108 guidelines?

Follow these step-by-step recommendations to get the most value from the e-commerce guidelines.
Go to your store and open relevant type of pages (product, cart, homepage, category)
I recommend starting from the most important pages: product and cart pages. These pages usually have the most problems and can have a significant impact on the overall performance.
Choose a category of guidelines on the website
If you are on a product page, then choose product page guidelines. If you are on a cart page, then choose cart page guidelines and so on.
Go through the list one by one and check if you meet a guideline
If you don't meet a guideline or are not sure about it, click on the "Read more" button (it's available in full access only) to see more details.

Each detailed guideline contains:
- Explanation of the problem and why it's important;
- Bad and good mobile-first examples fo reference;
- Actionable recommendations for implementation (what to do, how to do, etc.)
- Useful resources to Shopify apps, additional information, etc.;
Follow recommendations and implement changes
The most important part of the process!

If you see a problem, you should fix it. Often you can do that yourself. If that's not the case, ask or hire a developer to do that. The most of things can be easily improved.
Enjoy increased revenue and conversions!
Based on my conversion rate optimization experience, if you follow at least all the recommendations from the checklist, it should improve the performance of your store (of course, considering that you get quality traffic to the website)

Jayden Grayston

Founder of CRO agency Vaius Group

As an agency owner specializing in CRO, we found Andrei’s checklist very helpful. It covers all the bread and butter of conversion rate optimization.

Mihai Palantin

This checklist is a must have especially for those who don't have a huge marketing budget and can't afford CRO Consultant, and is an incredibly powerful DIY guide..
Ecommerce Checklist is a simple and quick approach to build hypotheses to be tested, which already have a solid basis and have already been proven to have a positive impact on improving conversion rates, being considered more than just best practices. I'm not a fan of best practices, but Andrei's checklist is so well documented that it's easy to see that his recommendations are not based on just "gut feelings" but also on concrete data and real experiments supporting his claims.
Why is the price of $69.99 such a small investment compared to what you get in full access membership?
Read and everything will become clear
Standard CRO audit costs $1000+. I do such audits for $2500+ depending on the complexity of a website
It's too much for many e-commerce owners, marketers, designers, and developers to pay for a Basic audit. That's why I created a 108-point checklist with guidelines.
These guidelines are a pretty good and very cheap replacement for such an expensive audit
For example, if I did an audit of your store, it would include all the recommendations from these guidelines + insights that I would find with deeper research and analysis. This is why if you buy full access, you can actually solve the main problems on your website.
If you apply all these recommendations, then in ~90% of cases (because most e-commerce stores are absolutely not optimized), you will have increased sales and conversions
That would be a great foundation. And after that, you can invest more in CRO, hire a specialist and do an in-depth analysis to optimize your store even more.
Now compare $69.99 with $1000 or even $2500 that you would pay me or another CRO specialist for the audit and list of the same recommendations
Yes, you don't have to be a mathematician or have an analytical mind to understand why this checklist is worth it. And don't forget to thank for such a cheap checklist after you apply the recommendations :)

Vincenzo Mastrobattista

Socio dirigente presso Jungle Team

I didn't sleep last night :) I read all your guide, it was really very interesting and full of ideas!
I was looking for some further points of view for our agency and finally I found it, in a truly complete guide, full of very useful and interesting ideas and tests. We are already check the list of all our e-commerce websites and we can't wait to analyze the first results of the A / B tests.
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Can I get a refund if I don't like full access to checklist?
Oh sure

Within 7 days after the purchase, if you do not like the quality of the guidelines, or it seems to you that it is not worth it, you can email me (andreibaklinau@gmail.com) and I will refund your money.

But for all the time, not a single client has tried to do this, because the benefits of the checklist are dozens of times greater than its cost.
Is the checklist updated over time?
Yes, I continue to do dozens of A/B tests every month, and as new insights and guidelines appear, I add them to the checklist. I also periodically add new good and bad examples to the guidelines to make them more useful and up-to-date.
When the checklist is updated with new guidelines, do I get access to all of this?
Yes, you have lifetime access to it. As long as this checklist exists and is updated, you can use it
Why do these guidelines work?
Because they are based on the results of statistically significant A/B tests, user behavior studies and researches and backed up by dozens of good examples from successful stores, which, precisely because of this, dominate their niches.
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